Contact information

Artur Madej

Artur graduated from Staffordshire University (U.K.) with honors in Computer Science. After graduating, he moved to the Netherlands and gained extensive project experience while working with major Fortune 500 accounts within the IT industry. He launched and operated several companies in the IT sector. In 2001 he sold his software company and moved his family to Florida in search of new opportunities, challenges and of course the sun!

In Florida, he founded Amstec Inc., specializing in web design/hosting and e-commerce/e-health, generating million dollar+ revenue. The e-health business was sold in 2008.

In 2009, Artur and 3 German partners founded Sybac Solar, a renewal energy company. For a period of time, it was the largest privately held renewable energy company in Florida, working on complex transactions and negotiations in multiple US states, Latin America and South American markets. The largest completed project was valued at USD 35M and involved 350 employees during construction. Sybac’s solar fields are still the largest solar energy producer in Gainesville, Florida. Artur remains active in the solar business and will happily provide tours to interested parties.

Artur is currently working on commercial projects in Orlando and Fernandina Beach, Florida.