Development + Participate = Growth

About Us

DPGrowth is a full service commercial real estate developer based out of Orlando. We are proficient in commercial real estate design, investment, development, and asset management. Our expertise and hands on participation ensures quality and efficiency in all our projects.

Development Success

Our team at DPGrowth leads a rapidly growing and full integrated real estate investment and development company in Central Florida, with international partners participating in our success. We actively source our real estate opportunities across Florida by applying decades of experience doing research and personally overseeing development. The projects undertaken by DPGrowth include offices, industrial, residential, and mixed-use projects. As evident by our history in renewable energy, we pride ourselves in favoring building designs that blend into their environment and utilize green practices and sustainable materials. Through our continuous and implementation of the latest technologies, we ensure environmentally cleaner and efficient buildings.




Growing Portfolio
Point Cypress Center
Commercial Office Buildings

As a real estate developer with a focus on medical office buildings, we understand the unique requirements of healthcare providers and strive to create facilities that are tailored to their specific needs, from specialized equipment to convenient patient access.

Gardenia Reserve
Residential Neighborhood Projects

At our residential communities, we believe in building homes that are not only functional but also beautiful, with modern designs that incorporate the latest trends and technologies for a truly exceptional living experience.

Murphree Solar Field
Industrial Properties

Our solar panel renewable energy properties offer homeowners and businesses an opportunity to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future, with the added benefit of potentially significant savings on energy costs over time.

"We understand that in today's market, investors are looking for properties that offer not only a great return on investment, but also long-term stability and sustainability. That's why we focus on efficiency in every aspect of our construction process"